When Darkness Falls

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A standalone novel of supernatural suspense and romance from the author of The Awakening series.

the girl looks through the window of the city at night

A captivating stranger…

When Haley Black meets musician Devon Somers on a dark Chicago street, his offbeat good looks and humor make her smile. But she fears a new romance. Her longtime boyfriend betrayed her, leaving her broke and isolated. Still, Devon is a songwriter, like her. She feels compelled to seek him out again, even as her instincts warn of danger.

What lurks after dark…

After a whirlwind romance, Haley moves in with Devon. It feels too fast, but she’s the happiest she’s ever been. Then Devon begins to avoid sunlight. Soon he fears it. Violent dreams plague him, and he grows withdrawn and moody.

The outside world is in turmoil, too. Someone—or something—evil stalks Chicago’s streets after dark.

Convinced Devon is her soul mate, Haley vows to help him, but can she?

Courting death…

A striking woman from Devon’s past claims to have answers, but Haley suspects she has ulterior motives. And her explanation suggests the impossible. Supernatural creatures like vampires simply don’t exist. Or do they? By attempting to save Devon, is Haley risking her own death—or worse?

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