The Awakening Series Complete Supernatural Thriller Series Box Set/Omnibus

The Complete Awakening Series

An inexplicable pregnancy…

Tara folded and unfolded the pink referral slip. Her fingers made sweat marks on the paper. “I can’t be pregnant. I haven’t had sex.”

Lisa M. Lilly’s heart pounding supernatural thriller series tells the story of one young woman who finds her life at risk over a phenomenon she cannot understand.

Tara Spencer is at a loss. She recently learned she is pregnant, despite never having had sex. Her fiancé breaks up with her, convinced she cheated on him, her plans for medical school are derailed, and even her parents and best friend doubt her story.

A powerful cult…

Only a stranger, Cyril Woods, claims to believe that Tara is still a virgin. A member of The Brotherhood religious order, Cyril tells her the child is a possible new messiah. But when prenatal tests reveal shocking information, The Brotherhood, fearing Tara will trigger an Apocalypse, becomes her enemy.

A question that could change the world…

As the forces aligned against her close in, Tara fights for her life, seeking the answer to one question:

Are she and her child meant to save the world—or destroy it?

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The Awakening Series Box Set/Omnibus includes all four books in the Awakening Series:

The Awakening (Book 1)
The Unbelievers (Book 2)
The Conflagration (Book 3)
The Illumination (Book 4)